Founder | Chief Designer

I recall the moment I sat down before my family’s Beckstein when I was three; music was immediately my heartbeat. I  relished its ability to be my companion and partner. Together, we made the impossible possible. Three years later I began composing music.  My accomplishments as a musician grew, and I earned many honors as my spirit vibrated with and gained inspiration from the mystery rooted in nature and the stars. I had a passion to understand the spirituality underlying the human experience and was driven by a profound motivation to achieve perfection.

Some years ago, I found myself eager to explore my creativity in new ways. I believe the energy behind this urge was transparent like air; it flows around me, everywhere. I thought back to one day, long ago, when I was strolling in my backyard with my three-year-old son. He saw a vibrant buttercup. “Look it’s yellow! Like the sun! If I had shoes made of this yellow I would fly to the sun - no - to the sun of the sun.” Another time he noticed a patch of Queen Anne’s lace and told me that the white in the flower was the color of a bird that would carry us to a star meant just for the two of us. With that I began my journey to understanding the deeper meanings and possibilities of color, beyond what one can see superficially. Once I discovered this realm of color and the art that could be created with it, I began my training: observing and connecting with my deeper self to discover how that buttercup yellow and Queen Anne’s lace white affected me.

I plunged in, designed a few dresses, and earned praise for their elegance, simplicity and feminine aesthetic. Almost immediately, I found myself in a familiar place: I was craving perfection, and I pressed on. I am in constant search for meaning, value, and harmony.  

Today, along with playing, composing, and teaching music, I design dresses. When I need new places for inspiration, I go back to my childhood memories of vibrating with the simple and tranquil energy of nature and space. Both are my sources of inspiration.
My music and my designs have made me realize that giving shape to the unknown is the essence of art.  Every curve I draw inspires a new journey. Every fabric I touch presents an opportunity to create beauty.  Every color teaches me to predict a new shape without being predictable.  Many of my dresses weave the past and the present together. I often use antique fabrics and accessories from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries that I have collected around the world. 

I’ve learned that creativity is the courage to let go of certainty.  Letting go and letting life lead me is my way of creating and encountering newfound possibilities.

The end is to dare.  

I feel that with every dress I create a bond between the whole I have to offer and the person who wears it.  Each creation is a small offering of my experience between the stars and among the flowers and a humble invitation to accompany me in my journey. 

Gradually, I discovered another source of inspiration: the women that make each design complete. My goal is not to produce a “New Look.” I strive to produce articulated feminine silhouettes. Femininity is my priority. Given my meticulous choices in fabric and with thoughtful style, I merge femininity with a woman's personality to ensure that when you wear my design, you are a distinctly glamorous, beautiful, and strong version of yourself. I don’t want to create everyday dresses for fast-moving society. Wherever you are, I hope my dresses will make you feel graceful and sophisticated.  

I wish to extend gratitude toward family and friends, especially to my lovely partners Susan and Yasmin, who have accompanied me on this journey and empowered me with their trust and support. 

I rely on and look forward to your feedback as an important contribution to my work.  Ultimately, what I seek is to make you happy.