AnaLeanca's Space


Dear Readers and Supporters,


Here, in AnaLeanca’s Space, we will periodically talk things we love and hope to explore together.  This is where the Lontano team wants to connect with young talent — artists, dancers, singers, photographers, creators of beauty in all fields — and to offer a place for the exchange of ideas.


The designer of our beautiful clothes is also a renowned composer and concert pianist.  Someone whose students, we might add, have won prizes around the world, from Vienna to Moscow to Carnegie Hall.  Creating for her is the essence of her existence.  Experimenting with new approaches, having the freedom to find innovative ways to express emotions and to connect with the world through the arts are what she loves and hopes to share with our patrons. 


Your interest and appreciation will be what fuels and enlivens this exchange.  The door is open and Lontano is your stage. We welcome all who wish to share in the magic of the creative process, to exchange ideas and to communicate with a wider audience through us.  We intend to include a broad range of subjects on this page — pictures, recipes, quotations from wise individuals with something to say about life, inspirational and provocative ideas.


Together we can build a platform for the promotion of art in the best and broadest sense.  Watch this space and let’s get started.